The Need for New Interactive Features in Smart Watches

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Patronized by Seiko ( Japan ), smart watches have been in existence for around three decades. Early different versions of smart watches accepted a user to feed data, goal different hour zones, and act basic computation.

The benefit of future generations of these devices incorporated GPS and a emcee of other wireless sensor facets, including thermometer, compass, altimeter, barometer, camera and accelerometer.

Various combinations of these features were developed to attract a specific prepared of consumers.

However, it seems that these types of personal maneuvers are running out of fuel to entice consumers. The conclude for this is the ongoing outburst of smart portable machines, primarily smart telephones and tablets.

Now that it has already become probable to miniaturize a legion of electronic inventions, watch producers are invited to change personal watches to wearable computing devices.


Several features of smart phones can be made compatible so that they can be offered in the next generation of personal devices. Already firms such as Pebble and WIMM One ( now part of Google) have made a identify for themselves by introducing machines that can communicate with a user’s phone via the Bluetooth option.

The ability to notify the subscribers of an incoming call and flaunt SMS straight on the watch screen are bragged as favourable features.

The next logical move will be to incorporate some assemble of translucent presentation screen through which a user can examine a concoction to receive real-time information.

Pedestrian navigation can also result the best way of imbibe augmented reality features. In this context, Google has already filed a patent for a transparent throw cover-up to achieve its a accomplishment. However, at present there is no certainty over the commercial-grade availability of such a device.

So what actually on offer now ?

For the time being, engineering houses are seeing significance in inserting smartphone connected watches. In 2013 there used to be three prominent openings including Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony SmartWatch and Qualcomm Toq.

The start-up space will likewise be equally important to look out for, given the existence of crowd-funding scaffolds, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. While PH Technical Labs ( funded through Kickstarter) is set to launch its HOT watch, Kreyos ( help fund Indiegogo) will be launching its Meteor brand of smart watch – both during the first six months of 2016.


Gesture control peculiarity, receiving and accepting requests, mailing SMS and receiving real-time notifications are becoming standard aspects for these sorts of interactive gadgets.

So how competitive is the market and whether the commodity is also possible mass-produced?

As a matter of fact, the world markets has already been so highly competitive that firms such as MetaWatch is making time to propel its Meta smart watch in the second half of 2016.

By that time, the conglomerate will ensure to grab a competitive advantage over its peers by going beyond plastic the organizations and offering dual hinge skin fasten design.


Pricing pressure will also push up the innovative efforts in this room to come up with novel features in a timepiece. Large firms like Samsung, Google and Apple will likewise be expected to utilize their mass marketing potential to offer competitively priced products in a market where a consumer can buy an interactive gadget in the range of US $150 to US $300.

Separately, the hasten to commercialize such an interactive gadget with unique facets is prominent as combined efforts from makes worldwide do indicate the fact that globally in 2016 smart watches are expected to be sold in millions.

Hence, these devices are likely to follow the clothing of smartphones and can be expected to become a supplementary option for tech-savvy characters glancing out for portability and amenity in their personal gadgets.

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